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Preventative Maintenance

At Elite Heating and Air our customers are number one, we have found that service of your heating and cooling system is the most important part of our job. A well maintained unit saves the customer money in repairs and efficiency. At Elite heating and Air we provide a total servicing plan. We want to make sure you feel safe and comfortable year round. Preventive maintenance can prolong the life of your equipment and operating efficiently and safely saving you money in energy & repair bills.


Elite’s 15 Point Maintenance Service includes

  • Clean and Check the A/C Condenser coil
  • Check Voltage and Amperage on motor
  • Clean, Check and Adjust Condenser fan
  • Check Condensate Drain Line & Pump
  • Check A/C Condenser Unit for proper charge
  • Change Air Filter as necessary
  • Clean and Check Thermostat Calibration
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts where necessary
  • Check Safety Controls where applicable
  • Check Air Circulation
  • Check All Electrical Connections
  • Check Starting Contractor Contacts
  • Check Temperature Drop at Evaporator Coil
  • Check Condensing Temperature
  • Check All Belts

We also offer seasonal check ups for your system to help them stay in top working order for all four seasons. Click here to download the Elite Heating & Air Service Agreement

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